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updated 4/14/03


Spring Practice Schedule
The spring schedule calls for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday practices from 5 - 7 pm at Playfair.

Spring Schedule
Spring Schedule has been updated with game times. There are more than twenty games lined up (including tournaments ) not counting scrimmages!

Team photo
Check out the team photo from the 2002 Snickers Montana State Cup.

Soccer Juice (99.44% pure)

Joe-Max Moore on how to get better (on your own).

"With teams in our country training two or three times a week, it’s really not good enough, to be honest ... you really have to get out on your own and do extra work. If kids are on their own, they can just juggle, be comfortable with the ball and have good technique. They can just put it up in the air, have a couple touches on it and make sure they have good technique trapping the ball. After they trap the ball, they can work on the first two or three steps, trying to make them as quick as possible. With dribbling, it’s important to work on fakes to beat defenders. I know it’s hard, but if they can get a few balls together and work on shooting, they can learn how to bend the ball and try to learn how to take a free kick.

-- Joe-Max Moore, 3 time US Team World Cup Player, from

When you see someone going after it in practice, it's contagious.

"I remember growing up, I wanted to win, but not at all costs. You had friends on the team, and you wanted everyone to like you. It was hard. Its part mentality and part process - just knowing that it's okay if you beat this person and because you you are trying to make her better. When I got to college, I certainly wanted to win, but I didn't win a one-v-one my entire freshman year. I had to learn, and I learned from the other players around me. When you see someone going after it in practice, its contagious. When you see someone busting their hump, you want to do it too."

-- Carla Overbeck from The Champion Within.

Before success comes a thirst for excellence.

"There are many people, particularly in sports, who think success and excellence are the same thing, and they are not the same thing. Excellence is something that is lasting and dependable and largely within a persons control. In contrast, success is perishable and is often outside of our control...If you strive for excellence, you will probably be successful eventually...People who put excellence in first place have the patience to end up with success... The person fascinated by quality is excited when he/she sees it in others."

-- Joe Paterno, Penn State Football


So it costs a little money.

Okay, so it costs parents a little money for their daughters to play the beautiful game with a travel club. The girls love the experience and most parents are more than happy to find a way to pay for the priviledge. But there might be a another "reward." Recent research showed that girls who play organized team sports may have better income earning potential later in life. The study showed that of 401 women executives surveyed, 327 -- or 82% -- reported playing organized youth sports.

-- Feb. 8 2002 Oppenheimer Funds Press Release


What to do with average speed...

"The game sort of slows down for me and I can see plays develop before I get the ball. I'm not so fast, so I have to think quickly. I see the game early and I can make good decisions, which is how I've played at such a high level for so long. And that's one of the biggest things for me as a soccer player."

-- Hege Riise, captain of the WUSA Carolina Courage and a Norwegian National team member.


Take your game to the next level!

"The players you admire as skillful have earned your respect by working many hours perfecting their talents. Some of you will have skills that are better that others. Regardless, you can become better at any of these areas through practice."

"Have a passionate reason to play. Never lose sight of the game. That is an essential ingredient. Playing should be fun, full of life and your play must be passionate."

-- Lauren Gregg from The Champion Within (emphasis added).


on fundamental skills..

Mia Hamm Jersey

"The ability to make your skills come through under pressure in a game situation, to be able to control the ball with your feet as if they were your hands, is the essence of soccer. You must love the feel of the ball as you touch it with every surface of your cleats, your legs, your chest and head. Strive to make your skills so sharp and clean that they will not break down in the high-pressure atmosphere of the game."

--Mia Hamm

Guess who stills practices dribbling.


Pelé on effort

Picture of Pele - the great one "I don't believe there is such a thing as a born soccer player. Perhaps you are born with certain skills and talents, but quite frankly it seems impossible to me that one is actually born to be an ace soccer player. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

-- the great Pelé from "Play football with Pelé" as presented by